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"To pay forward what the universe has so graciously bestowed upon me," says former VP of IBM, Shelmina Abji. Abji, born in Tanzania, was the first person in her family to obtain a college degree, and went onto to be one of IBM's highest ranking woman of color while being a single mother of two children.


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After spending over a decade in prison for a crime she didn't commit, Anna Vasquez advocates for prison reform and against wrongful conviction with Innocence Texas.


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Mother, designer, creative, producer, musician, Michele Lamy talks to Mission about her passion for boxing and how she is using the skills she learns there, outside of the ring.


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By founding Radical.Mind.Set™ Renée Beaumont aims to change the way we talk about issues through radical positivity-making kindness, optimism, and inclusivity a revolutionary catalyst for positive change.


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Founder of luxury fashion house Zero + Maria Cornejo, Cornejo talks to Mission about the future of the brand and its goal to become increasingly sustainable.


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Former CEO of the Paley Center for Media and the first woman president and CEO of PBS, Pat Mitchell works to create and promote programs about women for women, using the media industry to form ideas and inspire action.


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Sommelier, celebrity stylist, designer-just some of Karla Welch's achievements to date. As one of the most sought-after celebrity stylists in Hollywood, she's worked with a slew of top names, from models like Karlie Gloss to Justin Bieber and Lorde.


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Founder of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani, the first Indian-American woman to run for U.S. Congress, is on a mission to help girls change the world through coding.


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Four-time winner of Special Olympics National Championship, twice World Championship. Chelsea Werner is using her social media to try and make the fashion industry more inclusive.