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Sommelier, celebrity stylist, designer-just some of Karla Welch’s achievements to date. As one of the most sought-after celebrity stylists in Hollywood, she’s worked with a slew of top names, from models like Karlie Gloss to Justin Bieber and Lorde.

By Ondine Jean-Baptiste

An introduction…

I’m a Canadian deeply immersed in America. I love living in beautiful Laurel Canyon in California with my husband and my daughter and my dog.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everywhere! Music, movies, nature… Plus a lot is really internal.

Some clients may not have a great sense of fashion. How do you pull out their personal style and then take it to the next level?

I just focus on them. How do I envision their best aesthetic self? Where would they be most confident…? And then we’re off.

Stars such as Tracee Ellis Ross and Justin Bieber have little in common, but they are both known for having big personalities. Do you tend to gravitate toward a particular kind of personality in the clients you choose to work with, or are you open to transforming anyone’s wardrobe?

No, I’m specific about who I work with. I have to really believe in them and their talent and belief system. These two are actually more similar than you might think—they are both fearless with their fashion!

What’s your favorite outfit to wear?

Jeans and a white tee. From both of my collabs, haha!

If you weren’t a celebrity stylist, what career path would you have taken? Organizer! Activist!

You are very vocal on Instagram about your position on a number of hot topics in the news, namely gun reform, economic inequality, and feminism. Do you think the fashion industry can do more to engage in today’s political discourse?

I think we don’t need to feel limited with our voices. Fashion might be what I do, but being political is who I am. Everyone should be encouraged to be a part of the process.

And do your personal politics inform your style?

I say wear whatever the fuck you want!

Tell us about a Woman of Empowerment in your life.

Angela Manuel Davis. She is my friend and SoulCycle instructor. She gives so much to push us to be our best selves. I couldn’t even articulate how her process has affected mine, but it’s brought me to a new level in my life.

My mission is…

To live my purpose. And to be great in my life!