A podcast series cohosted by Mission’s founder Karina Givargisoff, and singer song writer of the UK band Texas, Sharleen Spiteri.

This week we speak to Noel Fitzpatrick, otherwise commonly known as Supervet from his TV show by the same name. The show follows him and his team while they work to implement progressive surgical techniques to cure animal maladies. He is a leading orthopedic-neuro veterinary surgeon, who over the past ten years has been developing custom implants for hip replacements in animals, which allow his practice to deal with the most complex situations. He made his commitment to animals and life mission to save them at the age of 11.

In this episode, Noel and Sharleen discuss Noel’s innovative work along with his dedication to a more compassionate and kinder society through his Humanimal Trust, a charity that works towards the convergence of human-animal healthcare to benefit both parties. Listen for a thought-provoking discussion around animal rights.

“I strongly believe that animals do so much more for us than we do for them – through their companionship, love and selflessness. I dedicate my life to trying to give a little back to them by showing compassion and providing hope and options through medicine.”

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