“…to stop climate change before it’s too late and to stop being so wasteful.” – Maddy


“…to inspire curiosity, connection, and compassion for the stories that make up our world.” – Sonia Kovacevic


“…to create fashion through the lens of beauty and art.” – Erin Salko


“…to get out of my head and to wear all the pretty dresses and to care less.” – Chiara Hovland


“…to be happy.” – Michael 


“…to bring a voice to the poorest women farmers on this planet and lift them out of poverty.” – Michelle


“…to stop climate change and try to fight against it. I am an artist and I sell my art door to door and at street fairs to raise awareness about climate change. I have raise about $700 and hope to keep going to make people know they have to stop what they are doing and appreciate the world” – Noah


“…to make travel possible and accessible to as many people as possible, and help people transform their lives through meaningful adventures.” – Lena 


“…to raise our voices for the sake of the planet through all the ways we can. We can’t vote so we are taking it to the streets.” – Emma Braunschweiger, Elena Rubenstein, and Lizzy Spira.


“…to continue to challenge myself in pursuit of greatness and champion others on that journey.” – Isaiah Stanback