“…to stop in the hustle and bustle and do something kind as often as I can! You never know the impact your small act of kindness can make.” – Bernadet Davood 


“…to be unapologetically me at all times. To live my life fully without allowing fear to stop me from doing everything I know I can do” – Yamell Sinai 


“…happiness.” – Turbo Sweets


“…to make sure we are more than a ‘technological generation,’ and for design to get taken more seriously.” – Rhea Zaveri


“…to inspire kids to be who and what they want to be and not feel trapped in who society thinks they should be.” – Jourdana Phillips


“…to stop climate change and help people become more aware so they can know the effect they are having on the earth. There is no other place, this is it.”– Kaiya


”… to spread love through the means of dance.” – Rebekah Mulkey


“…to create a world where young people feel empowered to take a stand for something bigger, for something meaningful, and something that creates real change.” – Isabel and Melati Wisjen


“…to create a strong, independent women’s ready to wear collection.” -Ting


“…to spread love by doing an act of kindness every day. In Judaism, we have this concept called “Tikkun Olam”, which means “to repair the world”. Essentially, we all live in this world together, so we all have the social responsibility to be kind to it and each other.” – Lauren Vicenzi