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The Burberry staff steps up for the British fashion house’s latest lookbook.

By Juno Kelly.

In Burberry’s SS21 pre-collection lookbook, those who keep the wheels turning behind the scenes are honored before the camera, in a campaign designed to amplify the voices (and faces) of the industry’s unsung heroes.

“For the lookbook, I called upon the incredible talent at Burberry to open their doors and be a part of this journey – each interpreting the looks in their own unique way,” said Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, Riccardo Tisci, in the lookbook’s press release.

The charmingly simplistic images depict the team accessorizing this season’s trenches, blazers, and straight-leg jeans with pet cats, as the staff-turned-models stand atop wooden boxes strewn in labels reading “look 1” “look 2” and so on.

Not only did the campaign highlight Burberry’s core staff, but, due to its elementary nature, sidestepped the studio, models, makeup artists, catering, and camera crew necessitated by a large-scale shoot – a process that, at a time like this, could not only expose many to the still at-large coronavirus, but encourage superfluous resource consumption, due to the use of fuel and electricity.

Instead, Burberry killed two birds with one stone, providing those in the wings with some (perhaps overdue) public veneration, while sitting out of the industry’s incessant contribution toward climate change.

Whether or not the motive behind the brand’s latest lookbook was as altruistic as one would hope is yet to be determined, however, it’s encouraging to see the ‘new normal’ coming to life so creatively.