The new Calvin Klein campaign gave a platform to young adults from across America against the backdrop of their hometowns.

By Hanna McNeila. 

Although in 2020 it can tend to feel like time is standing still, the new Calvin Klein campaign helps us look to the future. The brand’s latest project, One Future #CK One, has traded in their usual celebrity filled lineup for a group of 11 everyday youths in order to capture the power of the voices of the next generation. 

The brand has given a platform to young adults from across America who are each shot against the backdrop of their hometown. The curated cast of youths come from all across the country from Brooklyn, New York to Crowheart, Wyoming, each voice is uplifted.  Although each person in the cast of characters has had distinct life experiences from one another, the campaign promotes the idea that they all come together with one future.   

The campaign video has a raw and pulled back aesthetic. The video consists of a montage of clips of each of the 11 young adults existing in their home environments. It is narrated by the overlapping voices of the campaign’s subjects who together say “kids my age, I think we see the world differently, we actually see and hear. We see strength, sensitivity, honesty. We hear opinions, concerns, our vulnerability. I think we feel the most passionate about the future. A more peaceful future. A future where we are welcomed with open arms. Even though we’re young, we know how crucial it is to take part in something we believe in.” 

The group consists of environmentalists, social activists, and more. Within the group is 18-year-old Quannah Chasinghorse Potts from Fairbanks, Alaska who has deep affection for her people’s indigenous land and aims to fight for environmental justice. Lex Bautista is a 22-year-old from El Paso, Texas who fights for LGBTQIA+ rights and immigration laws. The list of powerful young people goes on as the Calvin Klein campaign looks to a brighter future.