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Many stars offered their condolences and memories of Boseman via social media, sharing photos, quotes, and stories of the late actor as a final send off.

By Marissa Lee.

News of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman’s death rocked the world on Friday, when it was announced that the 44year-old had lost a four-year battle with advanced colon cancer. The diagnosis, which the actor kept private, had been ongoing since at least 2016. Boseman was a cornerstone in many stories brought to the screen, including 42, Get On Up, and arguably his most acclaimed role as T’Challain Black Panther.

The grief surrounding the actor’s death is only deepened when placed in the context of 2020 itself. Alongside police killings and subsequent riots, the deaths of other pillars in the Black community such as Kobe Bryant, civil rights hero John Lewis, and drag star Chi Chi DeVayne have only added fuel to the fire of depravity that is this year.

Many stars have offered their condolences and shared memories of Boseman via social media, sharing photos, quotes, and stories of the late actor as a final send off to the hero. Among the most powerful was that of actor Michael B. Jordan, who penned a powerful tribute to the actor on Monday via Instagram. Jordan reflected on how Boseman lived with, “grace, courage, and no regrets.” Breaking up the message were several utterances of, “I wish we had more time.” Fellow Black Panther co-star Letitia Wright penned a powerful spoken word video eulogy for Boseman that details the stars’ meeting and professional relationship, as she utters, “I wish I got to say goodbye.”

Other tributes to the star include at-home photos from individuals across the United States and the world posing with flowers and/or the Black Panther action figure, performing the ‘Wakanda forever’ salute to honor Boseman. Largely influenced by the actor were Black youth who were at last granted a mainstream superhero who was Black, heroic, widely known, and celebrated.

These displays, simple but powerful, sum up the sentiments toward not only Boseman or Bryant or DeVayne, but all the lives lost this year as the world marches on for justice. Boseman leaves behind his wife, Taylor Simon Ledward, whom he privately married in the months before his death.