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Analyzing why recent world events would have literally no impact on the wardrobe of TV’s most eccentric dresser, Moira Rose.

By Marissa Lee.

The subject of this costume analysis can be summed up in three easy words: spoiled, eccentric, and dramatic. No, I’m not referring to the front-runners in the presidential race. As much fun as it would be to dissect their run-of-the-mill suit, tie, and American Flag pins, we’re instead turning the lens to one of modern television’s most well-loved characters, Moira Rose of Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek.

Consistently looking as if she’d just gone shopping in Daphne Guinness’s personal archive, Moira’s wardrobe consists of garments of strictly black or white, paired with the most tastefully gaudy accessories – more often than not the stuff of PETA’s worst nightmare. Her structured designer garments set her apart from the local Schitt’s Creek residents and serve as her unwavering armor against the influences of the middle American small town, to which Moira attempts to remain resistant. In the privacy of her very own motel suite, she is no different, often wearing her signature button-down vest and garish brooch over her silk pajamas.

Most importantly for Moira, however, is her headwear – from her extensive assortment of hats to her even larger collection of designer wigs (whom she calls, “the girls”), it’s not uncommon for the former soap actress to change her hair alongside her outfit. Sometimes a feasible blonde bob, other days a forest-green mess of curls, Moira’s hair is often as unpredictable as her next one-liner.

What’s consistently expected from Moira is a fashionable ensemble that never fails to make me pause the show, squint my eyes, and swiftly pull up a browser to research exactly what she’s wearing. Moira’s outfits, unlike Phoebe Buffay’s from the previous Clothes on Camera, did not change or evolve throughout the show’s five-season run. (Trust me – I mean this in the best way possible.) Ever the drama queen, Moira’s outfits stayed as garish and excessive throughout the entire series, a testament to the consistency of her diva-esque attitude throughout the show. Moira never softened up to their new dwellings (sartorially anyway) as one may have expected; there was no toning-down of the wardrobe and trading in the stilettos for a pair of galoshes. Throughout the show, Moira stayed Moira, ever the hard-headed drama queen with a love of gothic accessories.

So, as winter menacingly creeps around the corner, one can surmise that Moira has the perfect wig picked out for the season, perhaps something like this Essence Luxe Couture ‘Goddess Moschino Human Hair Wig’ to add the perfect amount of mystery to her persona during the colder months. A propagator of collared shirts, Moira would inevitably be sporting a crisp white button down, but not just any old blouse – I imagine the Valentino Feather Embroidery Poplin Shirt would suit her fancy (it’s Moira – we’ve got to factor in a few feathers at some point.) And on the bottom? The jaunty casualness of the Marni Black Shiny Wrap Skirt.

Now for the heavier stuff: the accessories. We can’t be quite sure how fond Moira is of second hand shopping, but I can imagine that when it comes to accessories, she’s willing to putz around some luxury resale sites to find what she needs – perhaps something like this Ann Demeulemeester A/W ‘05 Shoulder Body Accessory listed on Heroine. If not, then perhaps something a little more subdued, like this Paula Canovas Del Vas velvet animal scarf available through SSENSE. Considering who we’re dealing with here, there’s bound to be a brooch somewhere; maybe something she scavenged amidst their sudden, traumatic eviction, or perhaps something a little newer, such as this Alexander McQueen Gunmetal Skull Pin Brooch. On her wrists, I imagine the Junya Watanabe Black Leather Studded Bracelet paired with the Gucci Garden Silver Snake Bracelet, and an optional pair of Black Embroidered Tulle GG Gloves, also from Gucci.

An embroidered Philipp Plein face mask would bring Moira into the post-COVID era, perhaps worn alongside a kitschy Thom Browne Sheep-Shape Bag to match the camel toe of a pair of Maison Margiela Stiletto Tabi Boots. There you have it, the outfit Moira Rose would inevitably sport on a trip to the Schitt’s Creek grocery store.