The job-hunting platform Creatively wants to make it easier to find work–even in a pandemic.

By Madeline Brik.

Painters, comedians, graphic designers, and other creatives have often struggled to find new work or relied on word of mouth for employment. A new platform, Creatively, is seeking to change that by creating a site to share portfolios, find jobs, and celebrate creative work.

By posting everything from freelance gigs to full-time employment, Creatively seeks to be a job board that connects creatives through their portfolio to new opportunities. Social features on the site encourage creatives to follow and like other profiles. “Our app and website encourage users to share credit and show respect and recognition to fellow creatives by tagging them as collaborators,” explains Greg Gittrich, the CEO of Creatively.

Although some of the app’s features are similar to other social sites, Creatively prioritizes the job hunt above likes. Gittrich noticed a discrepancy in the job search, for both employees and employers. “Businesses looking to recruit creatives directly lacked the professional network and resources to find the right talent,” he says. “We’ve solved that. Creatively makes finding work and recruiting creatives efficient and enjoyable.”

The traditional route to creative endeavors is often far less simple. Although positions in creative fields do pop up on traditional job boards, they are typically diluted by other roles while applicants face stiff competition. “If you’re a creative or if you’ve ever hired a creative team, you know the other professional networking sites don’t properly serve the community and don’t allow employers to discover talent or see their work easily,” states Gittrich.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also cut into the sources of income for creative talent. When companies have had to strip down their workforce in the past year, creatives have often been the first to go. Creatively hopes to offer a starting point for those who have lost work as a result of the global crisis.

“When the pandemic changed all of our lives, we made the decision last March to fast track the launch of Creatively. We wanted to help creatives who had lost their jobs and were in remote locations looking for work. In less than a year, we’ve connected thousands of creatives to brands filing full-time and freelance gigs,” says Gittrich of the impact of the pandemic on creatives’ employment.

Creatively wants to be more than just a platform for finding work, but also a validation of creative work as more than a pastime. With a job board putting creatives first, the platform aims to make navigating the job market is more accessible to all kinds of creative disciplines.