As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we look back on our conversation with the legendary designer.

“Mentorship is really only truly putting a mirror in front of people annd saying, ‘In you is all the answers.’ It’s really given them the strength, not telling them what to do,” Belgian designer and philanthropist Diane von Furstenberg told Mission’s Editor-in-Chief Karina Givargisoff. For the launch of our first issue in 2017, Mission had the pleasure of interviewing the iconic designer about her life’s work empowering women.

Von Fursteberg is best known for the creation of her wrap dress in 1974. But today, she is equally accalimed for her philanthropy. As she shared in her conversation with Mission, the designer has now became an icon for women’s empowerment as much as for her fashions. With the creation of the DVF Awards in 2010, von Furstenberg has honored and supported women who have inspired with their determination in leadership. This is all in support of her mission, which she says is to remind all women of the strength inside of them—and how they can use it for themselves and for others.

Watch our interview with von Furstenberg above as she talks about how to find your voice, the importance of connecting with other women, building a network and finding the answer that is inside of you.