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Isidoro Francisco speaks to Mission on the growth of his clothing company, Boys of New York, and on starting a brand in the fashion capital of America, New York City.

By Haylel Meisel.

At some point in our lives or another, everyone has the dream to one day save the world. Like those of us who feel the urge to do something about that goal, Isidoro Francisco began to brainstorm ways he could incorporate his love of clothing with the urge he felt to try to make a change in the world. Through the menswear line he started in 2015 Boys of New York, Francisco knew he had found the happy medium of a fashion company that he could invest himself in and grow, while supporting a cause that he is passionate about at the same time. Through Boys of New York, Francisco seeks to partner with local homeless shelters and organizations throughout New York City so he and his brand can give back.

It’s no secret that it’s a difficult feat to become a recognized name in the world of fashion. With all of the well established brands and companies already out there, doing something different enough to stand out in such a competitive world is one in a million. Boys of New York sends a message that they are here to help while also introducing a line of sporty unisex apparel that can be dressed up or dressed down but is itching to get itself the attention it needs. A brand that “represents fashion, culture, survival, and freedom,” Boys of New York has been built through the struggles that Francisco has faced through starting this company.

As a young college student enrolled in Rutgers University as a biology major, Francisco could tell that he wasn’t headed in a direction that was making him happy. After researching fashion schools and coming across the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY, Francisco exclaimed to himself, “This is it!  Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I was confident that I was making the right decision.” And he was making the right decision. His mind for design proves to be ingenious as his simple concept for Boys of New York is executed beautifully in his 21 piece collection available on This just goes to show that believing in yourself has great consequences.

For Francisco, his problems began when he was in need of a manufacturer who wouldn’t cost three months of rent and produce something less than satisfactory. Francisco needed someone who could make a quality product that his customers could live in and love while also not breaking the bank. When asked about what he’s learned from the challenges he has faced along the road of following his dreams, Francisco advised, “I make sure to have multiple reliable options rather than zeroing in on just one good one. If not, my one vendor might ignore me when he gets a bigger customer order.” This comes back to the reality that it is hard for a start up business to compete with all of the companies that already have an established name in the industry.

Not only does Francisco yearn to break into the world of fashion with Boys of New York as a renowned fashion brand, but also as an acclaimed workplace. Francisco made his goals clear: “I want [my employees] to look forward to coming to work everyday and to have a great sense of purpose because I want Boys of New York to be more than just a clothing brand.” With so many companies out there doing more for their brand than their employees, it’s refreshing to see Isidoro Francisco seeking to build a brand that also prioritizes their employees.

Isidoro Francisco’s journey of creating Boys of New York and continuing to build his brand goes to show how important it is to stick to what your heart is telling you to do. Despite the problems you may face along the way, overcoming issues is what makes you and the outcome just that much stronger.

Boys of New York

All photos by Alejandro Tavarez.