Christopher Bevans, designer and founder of social and professional network Hallway, and Mission Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Karina Givargisoff discuss being a young creative in fashion, the importance of momentum and connections in building a career, and why it pays off to support your creative counterparts.

Building a responsible fashion brand with
Vanessa Barboni Hallik and Ann Cantrell.
FIT professor Ann Cantrell and finance mogul-turned-fashion CEO / founder of Another Tomorrow, Vanessa Barboni Hallik, unpack the accessibility of sustainable high-fashion clothing, the importance of company-consumer transparency, and the ups and downs of forging your own path in the fashion industry.

Women in the business world with Julie Wainwright and Lori Wachs.
The RealReal founder and CEO Julie Wainwright speaks to venture capitalist and businesswoman Lori Wachs on being a woman in the corporate world, making bold and independent career moves, and how The RealReal came to be.

Sustainable entrepreneurship with Veronica Chou and Karina Givargisoff.
Karina Givargisoff and businesswoman Veronica Chou on environmental advocacy, problematic beauty ideals, and the importance of having a purpose.

Wellness and Sustainability with Francisco Costa and Sharleen Spiteri
Discover why Francisco launched Costa Brazil, the difference between the beauty and fashion industries, and how to find solace during lockdown.

The Future Of Materials with Amber Valletta and Theanne Schiros, Ph.D.
The ultimate guide to rethinking materials with regards to nature, technology, circularity, and life cycle impact assessment.