“…to educate myself on topics that aren’t talked about enough to bring conversations to the forefront.” –Hanna McNeila


“…to work towards a world where me, and everyone else, can be our authentic selves, respected, and valued.” –Morella Tovar


“…to become the best actor that I can be.” –Austin


“…to be the best version of myself that I can be because I’m always changing and learning and growing.” –Tristan


“…to spread joy and leave the world better than how I found it.” –Paige Sullivann


“…to make a change and to spread awareness.” –Mary Oliveri


“…to inspire the masses, create beautiful art, break down barriers, and leave a legacy.” –Taylor Littlé


“…to find a way to create beauty that never dies whether that be in cinema or fashion or art, I want to give people a place to escape and feel as if their rose-colored glasses are not so much a fantasy but a reality. We must keep creating a dream in order to live the best life that we can.” –Bryce Robert Anderson


“…to spread love and positivity while uplifting my community, as a queer person.” – Grey Hoffman


“…to be a provider of so much love. I want to look at the world and the people around me each day and ask myself, ‘how can I best love you today?” – Marissa Lee