“…to spread love and positivity while uplifting my community, as a queer person.” – Grey Hoffman


“…to be a provider of so much love. I want to look at the world and the people around me each day and ask myself, ‘how can I best love you today?” – Marissa Lee


“…to stop people from drinking and driving.” – Francesca S Pasini


“…to get people passionate about climate change and to get our legislators and politicians to do their job and companies accountable for the damage they are doing to the Earth.”- Henry Mei & Ashley


“…to stop climate change so there are fewer problems in my adulthood than now.”- Lena, “To stop climate change and make my voice heard and see how many people want to stop global warming.”- Kira, “To have less pollution and poaching of animals and try to make other people aware about what’s happening.” – Sophia


“…to help people understand that they’re free to create and that personal expression is the key to solving the world’s problems. Trust in humanity.” – Christian Lewislyon 


“…to spread beauty and love through art through dance and let people know they’re not alone in what they’re feeling.” – Ari


“…to find ways to improve our planet with the technology we have today. At some point we will be wiped out and the planet will make a come back, but we won’t. Our only job is to protect our planet. It gives us everything we need. If we don’t protect the Earth now, future generations won’t have somewhere to live.”- Tiffany, Gabby & Rossaura


“…to live life the way I want, unashamed and defiant.” – Kristiana Marcon


“…creating paintings that project my ideal into world and shows others how to do the same.” – Nina Molloy