“…to embrace my individuality. When we appreciate our personal strengths, we are better equipped to help the world at large. Also, to pursue art—and therefore meaning—in whatever capacity I can.” – Hadassah Penn


“…to be heard and not be dead by 40. We are the ones who are going to have to suffer the consequences from older generations, so we are the ones out here doing something and raising awareness.” – Kaya, Hailey, Daphne, Jones


“…to spread movement – take a yoga class, go out to a club. I’m a dancer, I teach young children and I just want to encourage people to get up and move around.” – Amelia Pagliaro


“…to empower those who are disenfranchised to create change.” – Lucy Ivey


“…to spread awareness about the climate. We really want politicians and anyone who has ears to listen and hear what the scientists are saying as they are people who have the power to take action – we want to see action from them.” Isabella,Bryan,Maryam


“…to stop climate change before it’s too late and to stop being so wasteful.” – Maddy


“…to inspire curiosity, connection, and compassion for the stories that make up our world.” – Sonia Kovacevic


“…to create fashion through the lens of beauty and art.” – Erin Salko


“…to get out of my head and to wear all the pretty dresses and to care less.” – Chiara Hovland


“…to be happy.” – Michael