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Bureau Betak is Leading an Eco Runway Revolution

By Mary Stringham.

Bureau Betak announced they’re going green. The French production company, known for creating grand fashion shows, events and exhibitions, announced this Tuesday they will be working toward reducing their environmental impact. Going forward they will execute their luxury affairs with sustainability in mind by following a list of eco-conscious “Ten Commandments.”

Founded in the 90s by creative director and producer Alexandre de Betak, the production company has become synonymous with the most elaborate and instagrammable runway events. Remember the immersive fairytale garden they created for Dior’s SS ‘17 show? Or the dramatic SS ‘20 Saint Laurent runway held smack dab in front of the Eiffel Tower? These over-the-top shows take years to plan and prepare. The result, though transcendent, can unfortunately have a large carbon footprint. This is thanks to CO2 emitted from attendees flying in and the large amounts of waste leftover from production.

After putting on a rather low-impact spring ‘20 Jacquemus de Betak said, “We really hoped it would help every designer and brand see you can do it like that.” The runway event was set in a picturesque lavender field in Provençe and attended mostly by Paris locals. By using the natural beauty from the surrounding environment de Betak managed to execute a rather sustainable runway experience. Using the momentum from this show, the company decided to take their efforts further.

Bureau Betak announced on Business of Fashion their “10 Commandments” they will now follow in order to implement better business practices and reduce carbon emissions:

  • Integrate sustainability into the design and production of all fashion events.
  • Reuse materials throughout production.
  • Upcycle and redistribute to give a second life to set decor and materials.
  • Sort and recycle of waste.
  • Eliminate single-use plastic and install water fountains.
  • Offer responsible meals and minimize food waste.
  • Minimize fossil fuel use.
  • Travel efficiently and reduce non-essential flying.
  • Implement operational carbon compensation.
  • Enforce “1% Percent for the Planet” donation.

Along with these “Commandments,” Bureau Betak announced they will be the first significant agency specializing in the fashion luxury sector worldwide to receive the ISO 20121 certification, a voluntary international standard for sustainable event management. To do this, the company must reduce their carbon emissions by at least 25% over the next two years.

The news marks a shift in the industry as de Betak leads the movement by example. The company had this to say on a recent Instagram post, “Our world of fashion and luxury won’t survive well if it doesn’t apply a major revolution.” He hopes that through these changes “It’s putting pressure on the industry to do better.”