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New York’s resident sexpert would have a field day in 2020 threads. 

By Marissa Lee.

When it comes to a wardrobe analysis of a show as long-standing as HBO’s Sex and the City, the obvious choice may be Carrie Bradshaw, notorious accessorizer and shoe enthusiast.

However, Samantha Jones – sexpert and PR agent to the stars – is arguably the series’ real star, despite the show’s narrative revolving around her best friend. Extensive watching reveals that Carrie’s three counterparts all represent the exaggerated elements of the protagonist’s character – Miranda’s career-driven neuroses, Charlotte’s deep seeded traditionalism, and Samantha’s love of all things fun. So, why not instead focus on the most fun, driven, and dynamic character of them all, Ms. Samantha Jones?

Samantha is the oldest of the four main characters, which gives her a leg-up in professional (and sexual) experience. In contrast to the bubbly Charlotte and witty Carrie, Samantha’s looks are more mature and business-driven. In contrast to Miranda, whose typical workday takes her from Brooklyn to her job as a successful lawyer to picking up her son from school and then back to Brooklyn for family dinner, half of the battle in Samantha’s career is the glamour. Drinks over lunch with her newest celebrity client, a party for the hottest new club, and invariably a new dinner date is all in a day’s work for Samantha, thus, her wardrobe becomes her.

Samantha’s world is all about monochrome realness. Frequently matching her infamous blonde bob with an ensemble that is equal parts mature, tasteful and sultry, Samantha can be found matching her earrings to her blazer to her blouse to her skirt – and that’s just the beginning. Although not as deeply invested in shoes as Carrie or Charlotte, Samantha is no stranger to accessorizing, particularly through her use of eclectic and tastefully garish jewelry, from a multicolored stone encrusted necklace adorning her collarbones, to a gaudy pair of gold snake earrings that nearly touch her shoulders.

Through costume analyses, such as the one centered around The Queen’s Gambit’s Beth Harmon, we often find that in one way or another, current fashion is circling back to the stylings that the studied character propagated. In Samantha’s case, however, it may not be so – although certain accessories and garments from 2020’s fleet of collections may catch Samantha’s eye, we haven’t moved back towards the ’80s-inspired monochromatic moments that Samantha loved so dearly. But that’s not to say Samantha would be at a total loss these days.

Take for example, these garish yet stylish Eye Peeper Drop earrings from Irish bespoke jeweler Grainne Morton (the exorbitant cost of which would be the least of Samantha’s concerns.), which would no doubt suit Samantha’s fancy. It must be noted that although she maintains a sultry air, Samantha often opts for a flowy rather than a form fitting look. This green velvet Bias Slip Dress from Canadian designer Marina Moscone would give Samantha that signature sultry styling while simultaneously offering the comfort of a ’90s inspired garment. Simple and to the point, Samantha would inevitably opt out of the jacket component and move right to the shoes, in this case a pair of 3-inch black patent pumps from fashion’s hottest new accessories designer Amina Muaddi. To finish off the ensemble, our subject may opt for this Gold Orb ring by South Korean favorite 1064 Studio. Perhaps she would slip it on right before stepping out for cosmos with the girls.