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Just-launched retail platform, Side, has made it so selling an item for $150 means keeping $150. 

By Emma Kahmann.

Unfortunately, when practicing entrepreneurship, you traditionally need to spend money to make money. This case is proven true when paying commissions and selling fees for online social marketplaces such as Ebay, Poshmark, and Depop. Until recently. The first commission-free online resale market has launched: Side.  

Those absorbed in the culture of thrifting know the task is a serious business. You can spend hours rifling through clothing racks, touching every piece of someone’s abandoned wardrobe, adding to the moth-ball fumes, only to find one single piece. But ah, that one piece. You know that piece could resell to fashion-savvy scouters on a marketplace for upwards of $150. And it does! But wait, you only get to take home $120 because the resale marketplace has taken a share of your hard work. 

“Our frustration of seeing your passion and hard work not being fully rewarded is what led us here today,” a post on Side’s instagram states. “At these early stages, it simply won’t be the platform for a lot of sellers. But for those that aren’t afraid of the hustle. Those who have the patience. Those that are willing to establish themselves early on the next big platform…well for you my friends we say cheers. Cheers to more money in your pocket!” The first free-to-use online marketplace will make their profit by offering sellers the opportunity to pay for an advertisement of their item, which will cause it to show up at the top of search results. Side has made it so selling an item for $150 means keeping $150. 

When revisiting the topic of why you’re selling an item in the first place, the motivation usually boils down to wanting to give your item a new home and manage money while doing so. Side gives you your greatest opportunity at both. Side’s instagram, @WEARESIDE, even provides a detailed highlight on how to be successful when selling on their app. Side, the first free-to-use marketplace, has made a fallacy of the definition of entrepreneurship.