D’Amelio’s book will offer insight into the life of a teen TikTok mega-star, and how she handles the pressure of performing for over 80 million followers daily.

By Marissa Lee.

Charli D’Amelio, at just 16, is easily the biggest star on the internet right now. Currently, D’Amelio has over 82 million followers on TikTok, which will no doubt jump another million by the end of the day. In a new development in her success story, the TikTok superstar and dancer extraordinaire will be releasing her first book, entitled Essentially Charli, which is set for release on December 1st.

“We’ve been long time admirers of Charli for her infectious confidence, killer dance moves, and astronomical ascent to fame,” wrote Anne Heltzel, ABRAMS Children’s Books Executive Editor, in a press release to People. “We loved getting to know her while working on this book — not only as a rare talent, but also as an endlessly interesting young woman — and we know her readers will too.”

The positivity-filled book will detail Charli’s (ongoing) childhood and how she deals with internet fame and cyberbullying. The young entertainer is subject to much of the negativity that accompanies internet superstardom, including controversy that has arisen around a recently leaked video of the 16yearold vaping. She’s no stranger to public scrutiny, and often appears alongside her sister Dixie, who is also of TikTok fame, and other TikTokers such as Avani Gregg and Addison Rae.

As D’Amelio’s career continues to expand at lightning speed, we don’t imagine this will be her last foray into the larger entertainment world. Within the last decade, internet stars have been granted a seat at the table, being the subject of their own reality shows (MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21, The Secret Life of Lele Pons), acting in film and television, and being offered book deals. As Essentially Charli gears up to hit shelves in December, we marvel at the possibilities of what’s to come for the young miss D’Amelio.