The Emmy win from 24-year-old actress Zendaya comes as no surprise to fans

By Marissa Lee.

It’s not like we didn’t see it coming – but when America’s favorite millennial actress Zendaya’s name was called as Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role in HBO’s Euphoria (making her the youngest-ever to do so at just 24), fans everywhere applauded.

Weepy and surrounded by friends and family in her beautiful California home, the actress managed to briefly divert the eye from her enviable custom Armani Privé polka dot skirt and rhinestone-encrusted top to thank her family, team, and castmates from the Gen Z smash-hit show.

Zendaya is a true wunderkind, a title now further reinforced by her recent win. Unlike many actors, she did not stumble through off-Broadway productions and nameless roles as a TV extra before landing in the limelight. Instead, in true Disney fashion, Zendaya was plucked from obscurity and thrust right into the hearts and living rooms of children everywhere as she starred alongside Bella Thorne in Disney’s Shake It Up. She then trod the Disney promenade for a number of years, making cameos and taking roles in other series and movies from the same network, up until her final starring Disney role as K.C. in K.C. Undercover.

Then came hard part; Disney stars, as it’s been proven, often have a difficult time shaking off their Disney façade in order to transition into more serious acting roles. The unshakable binds of a Disney contract have driven actors to some dastardly ends (think Miley Cyrus) in order to dissociate from their squeaky-clean Disney obligations.

Such was not the case with Zendaya. The actress’s seamless transition from her Disney days to her darker roles is not only a testament to her management, but the actress herself. Honest, engaging, and authentic, Zendaya fulfilled her commitment to Disney and was, within two years of leaving the network, starring in Euphoria as the doe-eyed and drug-addicted Rue Bennett, arguably young America’s favorite and most lovable train wreck, not to mention her roles in films such as Spider-Man: Far from Home and her upcoming role in Dune alongside Timothée Chalamet.

Being the youngest actress to win the Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series award comes as no surprise with the young starlet. Although it has been announced that Euphoria has delayed season 2 production due to the pandemic, it hasn’t stopped Zendaya from doing what she does best. Her upcoming role in the Sam Levinson-produced Malcolm and Marie was filmed entirely during quarantine and goes to show that the actress won’t let anything get in the way of her making art.

So, although we may not see the Rue Bennett on our screens again until 2021, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that Zendaya’s future, on and off screen, is as bright and promising as the actress herself.